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2022 Q1

  • Website Launch 

  • VR Game Demo 

  • Discord Custom Game

  • Solar Panel Game Treminal in Web

2022 Q2

  • Training Mode Leaderboard

  • Listing in CEX/DEX

  • NFT owner verification

  • Fighter staking for $ZENY

  • Mint of Rubian Race Fighters NFTs

  • Taeru Tower Minigame launch

  • Live Spectating of Matches (VR and PC)

2022 Q3

  • Alpha calls and collabs with other projects

  • Community development

  • 2D fighters transition to 3D

  • Public Beta Release

  • Smart Contract Audit

  • Mint of Emyrian Race Fighters NFTs

  • Native Marketplace Release

2022 Q4

  • DAO Launch

  • Free play mode

  • Staked Matches

  • Fighter Cosmetics and utility items

  • NFT sale of Saphyrian Race Fighters

  • Superpower System Introduced

2023 h1

  • Official Game Launch

  • Fighter levelling system

  • NFT Burning and Crafting

  • Ranked Matches

  • Introduction of Soul Splitting

  • Mint of NFT arenas

exciting gameplay

Dive into VR and be challenged physically and mentally! To win you'll have to be fit and skillful + think strategically and act patiently!

Earn by playing, trading, watching and more

While doing all you LOVE about sports! Manage the players as an agent, become a star player yourself, trade valuable NFTs or just watch the game!

Unique and upgradable NFT fighters

Own & trade your beloved fighters and their in game assets like skins, clothes, weapons and utility items.

A true sport!

Advancing VR technologies and growing user base empower us to blur the line and bring true sport to metaverse. Now is the right time!

Tokenomics & fund allocation

Immerse yourself into new era of Vsports

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